What is Sass?

How To Setup Sass

For my first Rails app, I created Menu Info: A platform where anyone can create menus and menu items, and add tags to help sort those items by various attributes.

I started my project off by using Rails’ incredibly useful resource generator ($ rails g resource <ResourceName> ) to create…

For my first Sinatra web app, I decided that I wanted to make a paper trading platform for Bitcoin. It would essentially be a website where users can create accounts and trade with simulated currency. They would have the ability to create multiple wallets where they can test various different…

In my opinion, one of the most tedious but essential parts of creating a new project with any type of language, framework, or library is the creation or setup process. Forgetting one thing can cause issues down the line, and cause you to spend valuable time trying to debug and…

Stephen McBride

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